Beer Clouds Anti-Hail Ale

Experts can’t agree which came first, beer or bread. The longstanding argument should be put to rest because we both know beer is the priority. Afterall, beer is one of the most important and basic human needs. No wait, that is food. But we question what ingredients are in the foods we eat, so why shouldn’t the same standards apply to the beer industry? We like to know where our products come from, and we think you should too.

That’s why we’ve teamed up with local Albertan farmers to bring you Beer Clouds Anti-Hail Ale. We worked closely with local farmers growing the Syngenta AAC Synergy barley resulting in a malt that is agronomically superior to today’s malting barley standards. Though we’ve been using Albertan barley for over twenty years, this time around, we got to know our farmers a little better.

The brewing industry has seen many developments to ensure the freshest tasting beer. But along the way, brewers seem to have lost their heritage- where it all started, in the hands of the hardworking farmers right in our own backyard. We asked our Brewmaster, Rob Walsh, why he chose to work locally with Alberta grain and his response was simple “[the] best grain is grown right here in Alberta- everyone uses it- all over the planet”.

Just to name a few, Gatez and Cissel Farms LTD., Eliason Farms, Bruce Farms LTD., Page Ranches LTD., Holtman Farms, are growing AAC Synergy Barley. The seed for the malt farmers are using offers a top yielding variety that produces heavy, plump kernels and has a strong straw with good resistance to lodging and is a medium maturity with good foliar disease resistance. In other words, it’s the type of seed variety with power, yield, and quality. Sure, the seed qualities are what make the beer taste as good as it does but it takes the love and hard work from Alberta’s farmers to make it all happen.


We’re a local Albertan brewery, so the questions is this: Why wouldn’t we use local Albertan grain? Supporting local not only helps our community’s economy, but it also helps lower our carbon footprint. Our Beer Clouds Anti-Hail Ale has given us the opportunity to learn about each other’s industries. It’s a collaboration brew that comes full circle, from the crops in the farmer’s hands, right into our brewery. The farmers we worked with not only had a hand in growing the barley we use, but they also had a say in how they wanted their ingredients to present themselves in Beer Clouds Anti-Hail Ale. They agreed on a medium bodied beer, straw to gold colour with the use of a German hop, mandarina bavaria, to offer a single hopped component that complements the malt to bring a light, citrusy, fruity presentation. We hope you like it!