Under Construction

Our brewery expansion has welcomed some enormous changes over the last couple of months. The undertaking began by moving the patio to the front of the building and we started from the ground up. We worked day and night to put up the new walls, poured concrete, built a brand new space to fit our shiny new brewhouse, four brand new 200 hL tanks, and a storage area for grain and malt. The siding is bright yellow so you can’t miss it from 53rd street in Foothills, Calgary to stop by for a pint or two. With our new equipment, we’re able to bring 225,400 more bottles of beer to Alberta in each batch of beer! We also redid our beer cooler and painted the floors an Honest Paul blue, reorganizing the shelves and gave the walls a new coat of paint. It’s been a lot of work, but we’re almost finished! Stop by soon for a brewery tour to see some of the changes we’ve made this summer.